About Us

The Genesis

The concept of Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) was introduced in India in the year 2000. Since then, concentrated efforts to transform abortion services from purely clinical procedures to a comprehensive women-centered service have gained impetus and have been successful in many parts of the country. A very important component of this approach is the development of a trained workforce – both for further training of eligible doctors and for delivering high-quality CAC services even in the most rural settings.

Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) works in partnership with 12* state governments to train ob-gyns, and train and certify MBBS doctors to offer high-quality CAC services to women; around 750 providers are added to this workforce each year.

CAC providers are spread across these states in often difficult geographical conditions. They have been connected through IDF, which maintains contact with trained providers in order to assess and address barriers to making CAC services better. However, there has been a growing need for providers to directly connect with other providers and clinical experts in order to share experiences, solutions and the need to make CAC services more accessible for women across the country. CAC Connect, envisioned as a national interactive community for CAC professionals, was conceptualized with this objective – of connecting CAC-trained providers with each other and CAC clinical experts to improve the quality of CAC services and to make them available where they do not currently exist.

*IDF currently works in partnership with the state governments of Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal, Odissa, and Karnataka. 

The growing community of CAC Connect

Launched at the National CAC Resource Persons Meet, held in Goa, in May 2012, CAC Connect started with the enrolment of 119 CAC master trainers and clinical mentors from six states present at the Meet. Following this launch in Goa, multiple state-level CAC Connect Meets were organized in all six states to bring together doctors trained in CAC and to give recognition to outstanding CAC service providers. CAC Connect has also launched the annual Doctor’s Time Out events which give the providers an opportunity to network informally with the other CAC Connect members in their state.

Today almost 3500 clinical mentors, master trainers and CAC-trained providers are members of CAC Connect and the number is growing every day!

Empowering Caregivers

CAC Connect aims to facilitate providers’ growth as medical practitioners and to help them become more effective CAC caregivers. We do this by being a resource of CAC-related information for CAC providers, providing them with updates from the field and fostering a thorough understanding of the CAC approach.

The network will offer:

  • Continuous education by means of regular training and technical updates
  • The opportunity to network with doctors providing comprehensive abortion care services,
    trainers and clinical experts
  • A help desk to receive and answer providers’ queries
  • A platform where providers recognize each other’s contributions in the area of maternal health

Connect at the click of a Mouse!

Being an online member helps you to:

  • Have your own customized profile page
  • Establish new personal or professional connections with CAC trained doctors , trainers and
    clinical experts
  • Discuss, challenge, collaborate, and share interesting clinical cases with doctors from across
    the country
  • Share your thoughts, medical knowledge, personal and clinical experiences in your own blog
  • Discuss the latest topics, emerging trends and new insights in the area of reproductive and
    maternal health
  • Share stories of success, lives saved, difficult cases, delivering services in difficult conditions
    and other valuable experiences and insights
  • Connect to trainers and clinical experts to seek guidance on challenging cases
  • Apply the collective knowledge you gain here to improve your clinical expertise and CAC
    service delivery

Experience the change: Learn, interact and participate!

Becoming a Member

You can be a member if you are:

A CAC-trained provider* An ob-gyn who has undergone training in CAC
An MBBS doctor who is trained and certified to offer CAC services
A CAC master trainer*
A CAC clinical mentor*

* Click here to contact us for more details

Thank you for your interest in CAC Connect.

For more information, please write to helpdesk